italo soracco


We're so proud to have Italo Soracco as a team rider. Italo is born and raised in Lima, Peru. He represents Cohete Surfboards in South America surfing world class spots, travelling and spreading the word. His favorite spots are: La Isla, Punta Rocas, Chicama, Lobitos. Favorite board: Bandito.


Mori Levitian

Mori Levitian started surfing at the age of 8. He is from Atlit beach, Israel. Surfing for him has been life changing as it sets his mind free. "I love the feeling when I’m waiting alone for the perfect wave as i feel like nothing else exist". At the age of almost 12 he is constantly pushing at competition level and free surfing. Favorite board model, AMS.


Effie Vrakas 


Effie is a jewel of our team as she's not only a respected athlete amongst women worldwide, but also a stunning woman. She was born in 1992 in the south of Athens and she has travelled around the world either for free surfing or competition purposes. Her favorite board is a Little Mexico that she rides in custom dimension of 5'7"x18'88"x2'25" (25.9lt) and a custom 4 Quad Shake at 5'8"x19"x2'40" (26lt).


Willemien Hoogeveen


Willemien is a young gun from the Netherlands. At the age of 16 her dream is to become the Benelux WMS Champion! She’s rides a Little Mexico 5'7" and a Jawbreaker 5'8". Her achievements so far are 3rd position at the O'neill Grom Challenge and 3rd position at the Rip Curl Grom Search. Currently she’s competing in the Dutch National championships and she’s in the 2016 selection of Eurosurf in Marocco.


Stelios Dionysopoulos

Stelios is a talented 17 year old, surfer, skateboarder and snowboarder, who started surfing waves at Mesakti beach in Ikaria at the age of 7. He rips up his home spot, Vouliagmeni Beach in Athens, were he is constantly pushing and progressing his surfing skills but also travels chasing waves all over Greece and Portugal. Sponsored by Cohete Surfboards, Philos and Quicksilver his favorite board is a custom 5’8” EPS Epoxy Carbon Stringer AMS.


George Georgoudakis

Kite_surf_greece_paros_George Georgoudakis_team_cohete

George has been travelling around the globe riding insane spots developing our epoxy built solutions and of course our line of kite surfboard models. His favorite model that he upgrades and pushes to the limit is the SuperDro. Favorite spec is 5’11". He has been also testing new prototypes for riding bigger or smaller waves.


Nikoletta Kowalska


Nikoletta is an up coming talented Kite surfer from Poland that you should keep an eye out for. She wants to show that women have the power to compete and succeed in sports and has done so in the PKRA World Tour. She rides a SuperDro 5'10" at local spots in Greece.


Tasos Galanis


Tasos is our main race SUP team rider. He is an athlete by all means and competes in many race SUP competitions. He is testing and developing our race SUP boards in open sea and flat water conditions. His Race has dimensions of 14"x25'5"x7'4" 260lt.


John Tountas 


John is a champion of the 12'6" SUP Race Division. An experienced athlete that wins medals and always likes to finish in the top 3 at every event. He is constantly focusing on training, technique and his physical condition. He races with a Race 12'6"x27"x7'4" 260lt and his weight is a bit less than 80kg.


George Andreopoulos


At the moment George is one of the most talented under 18's race SUP rider. He is a champion in the 14" SUP Race Division in the under 18's. Don’t be surprised if you see this guy becoming the next European champion, he has the talent and the dynamic to do so and those are the reasons he is an ambassador in our SUP team. He is racing with a Race 14"x24"x7'4" 242lt and his weight is a bit less than 70kg.