Please refer to the FAQ below for any questions. If you are unable to find help here, please do not hesitate to contact us at our office by phone or email.

Cohete Surfboards 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I become a dealer of Cohete surfboards products?

  • Please contact Cohete Surfboards directly at the contact info above. Please include your location and a brief history about your store.


How do I know which board is right for me?

  • We design boards for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders. Each board/design is coming out in various different dimensions to choose from. When trying to choose the right board dimension you have to take in consideration the volume of the board which is the most important as this will make you stand and float correctly when riding. We have developed a Volume Calculator Beta Version to help you find the correct dimension and volume of a board. All the other information you need such as surfboard technology, fin set up and board's performance are all listed in detail out our product section. If you still don't know exactly what board to choose then contact us and it will be a pleasure to shout out some board suggestion for you.  


How much does it cost to ship a surfboard or SUP?

  • It really depends on your location and the dimensions of the board. Prices differ from each continent. European prices are approximately as the following:
  • 100 for 2-3 SUPs,
  • 200 for 3-4 SUPs
  • 70 for 3-4 surfboards
  • €25 for inflatable SUPs
  • 12 for paddles

 For prices within Continental US please contact .


When can I expect to receive my order?

  • All orders will ship out between 2-4 business days. Transit times depend on location, but average 5-8 business working days from the ship date. This timelines are for road shipping, for air shipping is always 2-3 working days but expect to pay more on the shipping price.


What is the return policy? Can I exchange my order?

  • Please see the Shipping, Returns, and Warranty pages for details.


Can you ship to an international address?

Online orders are across Europe addresses only. For Continental US please contact .


The board I want to purchase is out of stock. When will it be available?

  • Out of stock items will range on availability times. Check with Cohete Surfboards Customer Service for an estimated arrival. info@cohetesurfboards.com 


What is the purpose of the air vent on my SUP?

  • The air vent installed on most of our SUPs is meant to help the board breathe when stored in hot weather. If your air vent has a slot for a screwdriver, you should loosen it when the board is stored for long periods of time out of the water. Make sure to tighten it back in before going on the water! If the air vent is an octagon shape, this is a self-regulating valve and does not need to be adjusted.


How do I transport my board?

  • Getting to and from the water is usually when most people experience damage to their SUPs or surfboards. It is important to treat your board with care at all times to maximize its life. When strapping on your car, make sure there is sufficient padding, especially along the rails. Make sure the board is strapped down tight enough that it will not slide around while driving, but not too tight that it will damage the rails of your board.


How do I store my board?

  • It is best to avoid warm temperatures when storing your board. Avoid leaving your board in a bag inside a hot car or garage. Make sure the board has ventilation. Inflatables can be stored either inflated or deflated.


I want to touch up my board with paint. Do you have touch paint for sale?

  • We do not carry any touch up paint. Automotive paint is extremely similar to the paint used on our boards and a variety of colors are available to match the color as close as possible to your board.