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    This surfboard construction is our latest and most advanced eps epoxy fused carbon stringer technology. There is a tremendous amount of research and ongoing development realized in this technology and we are pursuing the patent as no other surf brand has yet to come up with this type of surfboard construction. The core is a 23kg/m³ EPS high density 100% recyclable foam, produced from 98% air and only 2% petroleum products, which makes for a very responsive, agile and lively feeling but does not feel like the board over floats as with other epoxy technologies. The cutting edge construction used for the stringer of the surfboard is a uni-directional 3k carbon tape*. In the glassing process on the bottom and deck side of the finished blank we place a fused carbon tape for excess endurance and increased momentum flex characteristics. We use one sheet of 4oz fiberglass cloth on the bottom side to keep the board light weight and responsive. On the top side we use two sheets of fiber glass so as to ensure extra strength and durability were its needed the most. The fiber glass is coated in fast curing Kwik epoxy resins which are produced from 75% recyclable approved materials, with UV additives to ensure greater durability and protection against the sun. Futures or FCSII fin plugs are attached depending on rider preference. 


    *Purpose built for Cohete Surfboards by Shapers:Shapers quality surfboard supplies








        This technology is our standard method of construction, it produces that all time classic feeling of response and stiffness. We use only the best A-grade light weight PU foam cores combined with the finest quality wooden stringers in the shaping process, produced by some of the leading manufactures in the industry. In the glassing process we use a combination of one layer 4oz fiberglass for the bottom side and two 4oz fiberglass cloths for the deck side from Hexcel, Nuplex E-glass and S-glass fabrics. Our PU/EPOXY technology is our most most durable, lightweight and eco friendly form of construction that retains “that great PU feeling” when surfing. Surfboards made from this technology are more durable (break resistant) compared to PU/POLY surfboards due to the epoxy resins used in glassing. Epoxy resins are known to have increased dynamic strength characteristics and are considered to be more eco friendly compared to polyester resins. Our PU/EPOXY series feature carbon tail patches for reinforced strength, increased pop and less bumps from back foot surfing. Futures or FCSII fin plugs attached.

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        PU POLY

          This form of construction produces that all time classic surfing feeling of a stiff yet responsive surfboard. We use light weight A-grade PU foam cores combined with the best quality wooden stringers, produced by some of the leading manufactures in the market, Bennett Foam, US Blanks and Arctic Foam. In the glassing process we use one layer of 4oz fiber glass on the bottom side and two layers of 4oz fiber glass on the deck side. The polyester resins we use to coat the fiber glass contain UV additives that protect the surfboard form yellowing and have increased strength characteristics. Our PU/POLY surfboards have carbon tail patch reinforcements to increase pop and reduce bumps from back foot surfing. Futures or FCSII fin plugs attached.




          Cohete’s double stringer technology has proven to be the most break resistant technology available for soft boards at the moment. It is constructed of a low density EPS (16kg/m3) foam core that has two parallel wooden stringers running through the middle. The EPS core is wrapped deck side and bottom side with a 6oz fiberglass cloth layer to seal, protect and stiffen up the inner core. The deck side is finalized with an extra soft foam layer ideal for learning while the bottom of the deck is coated with a hard shield skin to maximize water flow and endurance. All these materials have been formed and glassed with epoxy resin in a press to ensure a strong bond and a finished board that will last forever. Our soft boards come with a removable fin system so you can change from soft to hard fins allowing the board to be very versatile.