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Cohete Surfboards is the child of surfer/shaper John Tsoutis aka JT. He has a distinctive style in 3d designing and shaping. JT is not only the founder of Cohete Surfboards but also the very first professional shaper of Greece. He is an iconic personality of surfing in Greece and around the world. It all started in 2004 when JT began shaping his own boards, due to the lack of distribution in both quantities and variety of surfboards within Europe. Cohete surfboards is a brand born from surfers to cover surfers needs. JT's vision is to grow his brand internationally,  having distributors all over Europe, the U.S and Australia.

Focused on innovative designs and board's technologies to assure premium quality for each surfboard manufactured, JT has been designing boards for professional surfers that require custom boards. He is constantly producing and designing new boards, shapes and technologies that are out of the box.

The idea remains the same; reinvent surfing locally, distribute surfboards worldwide. Cohete Surfboards was established with the love and passion of JT to create some of the world's premium surfboards. We will continue our mission in shaping innovation and design to deliver to the world premium competitive surfboards that will last forever.



Our boards are designed on 3d programs and then CNC cut on our 4-axis CNC platform system that cuts to incredible accuracy. This ensures that boards' rails, concaves, rocker and foam distribution are accurately cut according to the 3d shape. In coalition with our dedicated team riders, JT has been designing performance boards that suit all surfer levels from entry level, to intermediate and pro athletes.

We also build custom boards who's design follows our surfboard model line to ensure a well tested and developed shape. The changes to the volume and other shaping fundamentals such as foil placement allow us to customize surfboards to cover all surfers preferences.

Our goal is to test both our surfboard shapes and construction technologies before we introduce them into production.



Cohete Surfboards focuses on minimising CO2 emissions and maximising the recycling of the materials we use to construct our boards. To do that we prefer to use eco friendly sustainable materials like EPS Cores and Epoxy resins. We have fully turned our consuming energy to solar power to ensure a greener surfboard production. All of our production supplies are the top in the industry.

We have been innovating our production to eliminate surfboard’s older construction methods that only harm and violate our planet’s ecosystem. This is beneficial not only for surfers worldwide, but also for our employees and fellow citizens.