Cohete Morocco Surfari 'The Story'

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It’s was another day at the office dealing with foam and sales nothing out of the ordinary, till it became THAT day. The idea of organizing a surfari to Morocco came up on the end of that sweet day, in a blink of an eye it was a yes and a few seconds after we were searching for flights, hotels, etc. After all Morocco wasn’t something new to Cohete, it was visited a few times in the past so we knew that the mighty Atlantic would not let us down that time of the year, right on the beginning of the season satisfaction was as certain as death and taxes. All the preparations took place we announced the surfari on social media and some days later eleven beautiful people joined on our mission… to surf the mighty Atlantic Ocean and to have the time or our lives in Morocco!!! 

So at the 21 of October eleven people from different parts of Greece came to the trip to join us on the search of that endless stoke that we are so profoundly after.  The feeling of meeting people for the first time and immediately jumping in to a plane heading to Africa with them is something unique and amazing, since you are exploring a new country but also each other. All packed with good vibes and boards we left Greece heading for Morocco heading for the desert heading for the waves. Arrived at night picked up the cars and drove all the way south to Imi Ouaddar a place right next to Taghazout some three and a half hours drive from Marrakesh. We met with our Moroccan connection Ibrah which by the way is no stranger to Cohete Surfboards, a long time friend and brother and one of the reasons that Morocco is such a dear place for us. All the plans for next day were made and we headed to the houses located right in front of the ocean, with the sound of breaking waves in the middle of the night we drifted to sleep…. We have arrived ……

We woke up to an amazing Moroccan dawn with spectacular colors feeling up the sky, met in the parking and headed out for the first session. The ocean provided everything that we could ask for the next days , we had waves for all kind of levels of surfing from beginner waves to Anza to advanced surfing at the famous Boilers spot, everyone got there fair share of stoke and that nomadic experience of surf travel constantly moving from one place to the other in the search of …… we embraced the culture and got really captivated from that other reality, so different than ours so simple and pure. Surfed spots like Tamri a place that will always stay in our hearts for the incredible scenery and the perfect quality of waves that gave us the last days(14 sec period) also Insuan , Anza to name but a few , and last but not least Boilers spot with the waves breaking right next to a boiler(thus the name) from and old shipwreck making a magnificent world class right , rocky as hell you really don’t want to miss that ride. We also saw flocks of jumping tunas dancing meters away from the line up in Insuan and the next day the biggest invasion of jelly fish(medusas) in Tamri with literaly thousands of them all over the line up and everywhere you could see , not a so pleasant experience if you are in the water … and we were….in the water…. Ooops

All week was a dream with good conditions every day and good vibes only, we were so lucky having Ibrah taking us from spot to spot and making sure that we had good surf and good times , only gratitude comes in mind and lots of love. This experience wouldn’t be what it was if it wasn’t for the eleven people that participated making this an experience of a life time , so we would like to thank everyone… here it goes….. George , Aggelos , Giannis , Mihalis , Zisis , Dimitris , Mihalis , Lambros , Kostas , Alexandra, Ioanna we thank you so much for the trust you putted in our company and for all those unforgettable moments we shared in and out of the water , lots of love to all of you guys your trust means a lot to us . So that was our Moroccan trip in a few words …..another day in the office now …dealing with foam and sales …..planning our next destination …taking you to places ….in the search of the stoke …. Stay tuned …….

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