Hydro Tour Kite Foil
Hydro Tour Kite Foil
Hydro Tour Kite Foil
Hydro Tour Kite Foil
Hydro Tour Kite Foil
Hydro Tour Kite Foil

Hydro Tour Kite Foil

Model Description

Knocking the doors of hydrofoil revolution Cohete Surfboards has been in the forefront of hydrofoil design. 2018 Hydro Tour Kite Foil is the most versatile hydrofoil in the market. Very stable gliding helps both beginners and intermediates to fly their wings. Amazing feedback from our foil academies, a dynamic, all-around kitesurf hydrofoil that will glide in all different sea conditions, easy elevation, helps riders progress on this new hydrofoil era.

We have design this hydrofoil having in mind that someone can change all parts and transform this hydrofoil using either different masts or wings. Comes standard either with a 24" a 30" or a 36" mast. At the same time, you can change the front wing and transform it to a SURF or SUP hydrofoil. 


  • Reengineered aluminum and carbon construction- more range and more efficient
  • Compatible for easy learning through our foil academies
  • Modular system
  • Large, low-aspect wing has tons of lift and stability
  • Dihedral shape provides “self-centering” flight
  • Shift Fuse: Different connection for different performance
  • Aluminum mast- sturdy, affordable super durable
  • Excellent wake and surf crossover
  • Comes standard with either 24”, 30” or 36” mast. 

Package Includes

 61cm (24”) Mast, Pedestal, Fuselage, Front wing, Rear wing,


Hardware, Shim, Custom travel bag