Sylo Race Kite Foil

Sylo Race Kite Foil

Model Description

Sylo Foil is the best high aspect foil in the market. Has tons of lift and speed range and its ideal for heavier wind conditions. Loads of stability and control while keeping an incredible top end speed and carving ability even with the smallest radius turns. This hydrofoil is designed for racing purposes and speed crossing.


  • Reengineered carbon construction- more range and more efficient
  • Modular system
  • Dihedral shape provides “self-centering” flight
  • Shift Fuse: Different connection for different performance
  • Excellent wake crossover
  • Designed for racing use

Package Includes

 111cm (44”) Mast, Pedestal, Fuselage, Front wing, Rear wing,

Hardware, Shim, Custom travel bag