Xenon - Laluz

Xenon - Laluz


• Paulownia woodcore - Gives the best durability to weight ratio.

• Top rail channels - Adding extra strength to the whole construction allowing the entire core of the board to be thiner & lighter.

• Steps free shape - Eliminates all the weak points.

• Hybrid Triax-Carbon laminate - Takes what's the best from both ensure super comfy ride with tons of pop.

• Single concave to double V bottom profile - Gives refined speed, pop, precision and control.

• Tapered down rails - For grip and control.

• Moderate flex - Gives optimal blend of comfort & performance.

• Brushed top sheet - Increases durability and has unique look.



Every single size of La Luz range has been extensively designed and tested and they come out of unique moulds intended ONLY for that specific size.

129 x 40 / 132 x 40 / 135 x 41 / 138 x 42



• New, ultra light, integrated, fully adjustable pads-straps set.

• Red G10 40 mm fins set with flexible fins washers.

• Ergonomic grab handle.