• RACE R1

Model Description

The 'RACE R1' has been designed to have a narrow stretched outline, a thicker rail and a continuous rocker line. This is the ultimate race SUP ideal for advanced riders that are looking for a SUP with enough volume for open sea cruises and for downwind paddling. The step deck has been developed to be lower and deeper, resulting in a lower center of gravity, increasing rider stability.

Depending on your size and weight 'RACE R1' is available in three different production dimensions. CAD analysis, refining and development results in a SUP which according to the rider’s weight maximizes hydrodynamic performance. Full sandwich carbon wrap construction produces a SUP race board weighing only around 10 kilograms. Finally, the vacuum forming glassing process maximizes durability and makes the R1 extremely lightweight for increased performance. 


Hull concave from the nose to the center of the board designed for stability in choppy conditions. Central single concave shaped for maintaining speed and flat off the tail for maximum stability.  

Fin Set-up

Unique race single fin set up included. 

Available Dimensions

  12'6"  26.0"  7.40"  260.0lt
  14'0"  23.0"  7.40"  235.0lt
  14'0"  24.0"  7.50"  275.0lt
  14'0"  25.0"  7.40"  280.0lt

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