Model Description

The “i-Touring” is the ideal touring iSUP ideal for beginners and advance riders that are looking for an inflatable SUP with enough volume for open sea cruises and for paddling downwind. An incredibly stable Isup due to the increased width in the center of the board with a curvier outline over all. This board guarantees a smooth ride both in wavy and calm conditions. The “i-Touring” chopped square tail maximizes the decks planning surface maximizing speed, stability and hydrodynamics. This board will take you anywhere and is probably the most versatile SUP in our range as it's great for touring, downwind and surfing small waves. The “i-Touring” features Cohete’s double pvc iSUP technology which has been developed to maximize durability and increase air pressure so that the 1.0 bar of pressure inside the iSUP make the deck feel like a ridged EPS/EPOXY sup. The inner core is made of nylon drop stitch material and wrapped in a double layer of PVC for maximum endurance. The iSUP comes fully equipped in a convenient back pack with a 2 piece paddle, a single fin, side fins, a high pressure pump, and a repair kit so that you can carry inflate and paddle anywhere anytime.


Flat concave from nose to tail for early planning and speed maintenance. 

Fin Set-up

Single fin set up for the ultimate glide and looseness. 


Available Dimensions

 12'0"  34.0"  6.0"  280lt

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