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Model Description

DNA is a performance board for waves from shoulder high to double overhead. This is a great board for slabby, fast waves and a great stick to hold you deep in the pocket. We shape this board for pros, groms and surfers who want to take their skills to the next level. This board comes either with a square squash or a round tail. You can have this board as a step up in your quiver when you feel like hunting some serious swells.


Deep single concave through the whole bottom of the board, helping you stall at any kind of hollow wave you might possibly want to surf.

Fin Set-up

Thruster fin set-up, larger fins suggested.

Available Dimensions

D510   5'10" 18.00"  2.15"  23.4lt
D511   5'11" 18.15"  2.18"  24.5lt
D600   6'0" 18.25"  2.20"  24.9lt
D601   6'1" 18.30"  2.22"  25.4lt
D602   6'2" 18.50"  2.25"  26.4lt
D603   6'3" 18.75"  2.35"  27.5lt
D604   6'4" 19.00"  2.40"  30.6lt
D605   6'5" 19.25"  2.50"  31.8lt
D606   6'6" 19.50"  2.65"  35.0lt


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