Copy of Copy of AIR HYDRO
Copy of Copy of AIR HYDRO
Copy of Copy of AIR HYDRO

Copy of Copy of AIR HYDRO

Model Description

Arriving in the summer of 2018 this lightweight carbon fiber hydrofoil SUP board is for pumping and flying through the water. The spoon nose design combined with a low rocker makes this board very easy to catch waves and glide in half a shake. The quad fin set up will help the board glide in the mushiest conditions driving through the sections as fast and as smooth you can imagine. Nevertheless, when you want to increase hydrolysis you can adjust the hydrofoil exactly where it feels comfortable according to your preferred stance. Cohete has designed a smart artery hydrofoil box to adjust the hydrofoil according to your riding style. This will make the board super versatile for all types of riders with either less or more weight. Ride it with or without the hydrofoil. This is more than a SUP board this is the flagship of our SUP boards range. Go bananas and free your self to the hydrofoil phenomenon.


Air hydro sits on single to vee off the tail concave. This offers maximum drive and helps the board turn and change direction precisely when the rider is pushing on the back foot.

Fin Set-up

Smart Artery Hydrofoil Adjustable System and Quad fin set up. Comes complete with the hydrofoil or the SUP board can be sold separately.



Wave Size

Size Chart
Length  Width  Thick  Volume
 7'8"  30.00"  4.5"  120lt