Cohete Hydro Bullet Hybrid Kite Surf Carbon Fibre Technology
Cohete Hydro Bullet Hybrid Kite Surf Carbon Fibre Technology


Model Description

Arriving in the summer of 2018 the Hydro Bullet is a new age kiteboard. It combines the wave capabilities of a directional kiteboard and a hydrofoil kiteboard. This 2 in one design offers a great all around kiteboard that saves boards in your quiver. The spoon nose template will help gain an early glide and prevent the board from sinking in choppy conditions.

The Hydro Bullet is a versatile board that can be ridden with the hydrofoil and the fins simultaneously, this will help you learn the hydrofoil fundamentals while wave riding. The spacious eva deck pad will help you grip perfectly and provide balance when hydro foiling or surfing.


The Hydro Bullet sits on a flat to single to double to vee of the tail concave. This concave is enormously tested on our kiteboards and it’s the most all around concave as far wave conditions. It also generates more lift and its helpful when surfing or hydro foiling.

Fin Set-up

Thruster fin system for wave riding and Hydrofoil Artery for adjustable hydrofoil positioning. Does not include hydrofoil.

Wave Chart