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Model Description

AMS is Alex Maniatis’ Signature model. “Alex is literally a surf freak. He surfs radically whatever board you give him” says J.T (Shaper). “We have been innovating some new designs for quite a while now. Alex wanted a performance board design that could cater for almost any condition”. The idea behind this board is to have a touch more volume to glide you through dead sections when the waves are mushy and weak, but also be versatile enough in its design to perform when the waves become steeper and more powerful. “This board is not very narrow neither very wide, so I can still land those airs and at the same time surf tightly in the pocket of the wave” says Alex. "For me, I travel the world competing and its impossible to predict what the conditions will be like, so this board really suits my needs". Proven for its versatility, this board comes in a straight parallel outline and a round pulled in tail to hold on those deep drawn out bottom turns.


Single concave to slight double between the front fins to v off the tail for more buoyancy on smaller waves. Due to the straighter outline, especially at the tail area, this board will hold you tightly on the face of the wave.   

Fin Set-up

Thruster fin set-up. Use Large fins for 5ft+ waves.


Available Dimensions

AM506   5'6" 18.25" 2.25"  23.0lt
AM507   5'7" 18.50" 2.30"  24.1lt
AM508   5'8" 18.65" 2.40"  26.0lt
AM509   5'9" 18.75" 2.43"  26.9lt
AM510   5'10" 18.88" 2.50"  27.4lt
AM511   5'11" 19.00" 2.50"  28.0lt
AM600   6'0" 19.15" 2.50"  29.2lt
AM601   6'1" 19.25" 2.50"  30.1lt
AM602   6'2" 19.40" 2.60"  31.0lt
AM603   6'3" 19.40' 2.60"   31.9lt 
AM604    6'4"  19.50  2.65"   33.2lt 

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